Photo credit: Michelle and Chris Gerard

Photo credit: Michelle and Chris Gerard

Artfully Plated: Conversational salon gatherings with a purpose

Salonnière curates candid conversations with diverse groupspaired with food and art in unique spacesto inspire collaborative action.

Nothing brings people together—and unifies diverse backgrounds—more than a shared meal, a drink, and the universal language of art. Over centuries, women have used these tools of cultural diplomacy to build bridges and start important conversations between people around the world. Bringing people together to discuss the issues that matter most to them has never been more important.

Led by a former diplomat and senior Obama White House official, Salonnière™ is using these cultural tools to elevate honest conversation, foster transformative relationships, and inspire collaborative action among artists, thinkers, activists, and innovators.


A female-inspired model.

A modern Salon movement. 

A salon is a conversational gathering in an intimate setting over food and drink.  Led by trail-blazing women across the world from Cairo, to Buenos Aires, to Berlin to Harlem, since the fifth century, women-led salons influenced the cultural and political trends of their times.  Salonniere™ recreates these salons in modern urban settings, such as private living rooms and historic or forgotten spaces.

A global movement started in Detroit—with local, national and global participants and partners—these salons bring together artists, entrepreneurs, journalists, inventors, activists, thinkers, politicos and other change agents

The name “Salonnière” in French means the woman who holds salons.  It celebrates the legacy of women in diplomacy and honors Detroit’s French roots.